Simple search engine optimization trick that makes visitors linger

Search Engine Optimization is not just placing keywords, it is much more than that. Ranking on the first page of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) takes a long time. In the meantime, you can do some tricks to improve SEO.

SEO tricks to improve organic website traffic

Here are few strategies that major blogs and business websites are currently using the ensure better search engine visibility for their website.

Begin with an SEO audit for the website
If you are looking for the right way to increase search engine optimization then, you will want to start with auditing. The auditing will help you to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your website. This will show you where you need improvements, so, you can start working on the weak areas of your website. SEO audit looks at the website structure, information architecture as well as the existing content. You need to keep in mind that, the audit will not improve SEO but this is effective to boost the efforts.

Improve navigation of the website for search engine optimization

As you know by now that, Google wants to provide the best experience to the users. If the website has easy navigation then, the search engine rewards the site. This is also important to turn your visitors to customers. When the visitor is unable to find what they are looking for, they will leave the site. Such activity impacts the bounce rate and also the total time visitors spend on the website as well as the number of pages they see. All thee together impact the ranking of the website on the search engine result page.

Fix duplicate contents of the website

Negative contents are like the poison for search engine optimization. Google rewards the sites with unique and easy to read contents and penalize the plagiarized contents. Therefore, if you have duplicate content, you should remove it before Google brings down your website.

Place the keywords naturally in the contents

Website traffic depends greatly on the natural placing of keywords. You cannot just place keywords anywhere in the article rather try to place in the places where it suits perfectly. Content writing and keyword placing depend a lot on the expertise of an SEO expert. So, make you have hired a professional online marketing company for optimizing your website.

Ask the SEO expert to optimize the site for speed

Site speed is another important factor that the Google algorithm considers. Suppose, your possible customer visits your website but the pages take longer than usual to load, your possible customer will leave the site. According to a survey from Akamai, if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load, then you will lose almost 50% of the visitors.

Hire a good SEO Company for your website

This trick will never let you down. All you need to do is hire the best SEO Company around. You will not need to do anything, they will do everything on your behalf and you can see the real results shortly.

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