If you are looking for more customers and more sales for your real estate business page, SEO can be a great solution for you. It not only provides more leads for your business but also helps to create a name in the industry. Leading to sustainability and credibility for your company within your target market.

As a brief introduction, SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is used to orientate or optimize your web page according to the requirements of Google engines. In short, SEO helps your website to be the #1 page on google for targeted keywords.

Leading to an increased number of targeted traffic/local audience for your real estate industry listings.

Organic and paid advertisements always have a huge difference. Paid traffic has fewer chances of buying products from one’s site. Also, paid traffic-driving strategies are short-term.

Every time your invest your hard-earned money, you will see a massive boost in your sales. But as you stop investing your sales leads stop coming. Yes, paid ads provide faster results than organic approaches like search engine optimization, but as more and more agencies keep biding for the same listing, costs per lead go up. And you can bleed money quite faster than usual during the open season.

Thus more and more local real estate agencies are doing Google SEO for their site to ensure organic sales growth in the long run. And also to save more money in the long run.

What is Real estate SEO?

Before getting any digital service, one should acquirere some knowledge about it. Then, let’s dig into Real Estate SEO. Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, is a blend of various techniques that increase the distinctness of a site on the sites like Google.

However, the good services a real estate provides would never reach more potential clients if their content or web design doesn’t have positive remarks on SERP.

Thus, ranking higher or getting good remarks on SERP can only become valid if your website has the necessary Google SEO ranking factors.

If one wants your real estate page to be in top SERP results, then SEO strategy is the only thing that is required. Various web marketing companies provide valid SEM services to different industries, including real estate.

These companies provide white hat SEO services that Google and other search engines approve. Organicaseo is one of the top SEM service-providing companies. They generate inbound traffic and make real estate websites rank higher. Contact them to implement a valid SEO strategy and a better ranking on Google for your real estate website.

Why do you need Real estate SEO for your business?

Now that you have known various benefits of Real Estate SEO, you might want to get information and tips about it.

Getting online is crucial

Most local buyers now use the internet to find homes and apartments. Therefore, to increase the profit of your listings do concentrate on better ranking by creating more blog posts and better content for your website.

Increasing sales

If you are not serious about your real estate SEO, you will not generate more leads and profit for your real estate. In this digital age, you must learn the up to date tactics to rank higher and make more revenue from your real estate company.

Creating brand awareness

Once your webpage gets to the number 1 position for your desired queries, more people will see your URL and logo. And the more people see your webpage the more reliability your brand will have on their minds. In internet terms, it is known as an authority.

For example, for any sort of definition, we generally see the webpage Wikipedia as the first search result. Most of us believe that Wikipedia is a reliable authority webpage to find a detailed definition on any subject. Any data that you may find on the wiki is believed to be true and trustworthy.

The same phenomenon can happen for your website as well if you properly follow our real estate seo tips. Once your client base starts to see your website on the search engine results in page’s #1 position for real estate-related keywords, they will also take your company as a trusted and reliable source for all their real estate needs. Imagine how much sales you will be able to make from your client pool!

Easier closing

Most real estate agents fail to achieve their target goal because they do not have enough trust in the market. By doing real estate SEO for the website you will be able to get your brand name and your name established as the authority in your local real estate industry.

If you do some research you will see that these days more and more agents and companies are investing money on real estate SEO to get their name out there on the market. By using proven real estate SEO tactics many newbie agents are making more sales than veterans.

To create more trust in the market you can also create video content on youtube. If you search on youtube, you will see a lot of real estates agents are nowadays creating video content showing their listing to their potential customers.

Other benefits of SEO for real estate websites:

Not only a targeted audience is required for successful real estate. But the whole real estate SEO technique is just like an essential vitamin to your agency’s success. Want to know the quick formula to get potential clients from Google?

Well! That’s very easy and doable. The long-tail magical spell to reach the targeted audience is hidden in Search engine optimization techniques. A real estate SEO marketer can assist you in getting potential clients from Google.

SERP optimized assists in reaching buyers and sellers on the dot. It also gives a higher ranking to your websites on Google lists and on popular social media.

A little effort in doing the proper SEO optimization for your site can lead to numerous benefits. But suppose you don’t initiate in doing efforts for getting the right ranking strategy. In that case, your real estate will not acquire much recognization or ranking on social media or sites like Bing or Google.

The high ranking is where the vast difference comes between in-demand and less recognized real estate listings.

If you want to be the well-known real estate in your area, then reach to one of our experts who can help your site get in front of more potential customers who are using google to find good quality real estate listings to buy.

Why does organic Traffic matter?

Organic traffic is led directly by the search engines such as Google when your content ranks high on the Google SERP. Also, organic traffic has more chances of converting into buyers. Thus, organic traffic has various benefits. Organic traffic can only be driven by well-optimized web content.

Real estate plays a vital role in renting or buying properties. Years ago, Real estate sites used advertisement features from various social media platforms to get clients. For example, real estate sites upload advertisement videos on socials like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

This tactic was somehow helpful in getting clients a few months back. But now, these strategies aren’t that favorable. Nowadays, realtors and real estates also need SEO to lead the targeted audience.

How to use local SEO for your real estate listing?

If you want to use local SEO strategies to rank your real estate site on Google, you must know the major ranking factors that work. As you know Google changes its core ranking algorithm every now and then to keep spammers off of SERP.

Thus only experienced SEO agencies know what works and what doesn’t in the Google SERP ranking industry.

Here is a shortlist of things that can help a real estate listing rank faster on google

Finding the right long-tail keywords

The days of spamming sites with thousands of keywords are gone. Google now has a spam detection bot that can differentiate between well-written, valuable content than a spammy garbage one. So for your listing to rank better, you need the right audience targeted, informative content that Google loves.

But to do that you need to find the right keyword that your existing audiences are already using to find for your agency. At organicaseo we use both short and long-tail keywords to the right content to reach laser targeted audience.

Writing content that your audience and Google loves

It is easy to write content full of valuable information, and it is even easier to write spammy content full of keywords. In both cases, you will fail to achieve the google ranking that you desire. For your content to rank it needs a well-balanced mix of information and keywords.

Your content needs to have verified information that your audience will love to read, and it should also have a good mix of search engine-derived words that your audience is searching for. By doing this you will be keeping both your audience and SERP engine happy; leading to massive growth for your weblisting.

Writing engaging meta to increase CTA

Meta descriptions help a listing represent itself better to search bots. It also provides a glimpse of what the customer is going to read when they land on your content/pages.

Spammers used to stuff a bunch of clickbait words on title and meta descriptions to get more clicks for their content. Thus Google is now prohibiting website owners not to stuff their meta details with a bunch of keywords. Doing so might get your page penalized by the search engine bots.

NAP is a Must!

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone number. For your real estate website to rank on SERP it has to have a legitimate name, address, and phone number mentioned in a prominent area of your website. The NAP details mentioned on your page must also match your Google listing.

Using the correct NAPs for pages not only helps your site to rank on organic search, but it can also help your site to get ranked in Google’s 3 pack for Maps as well. 3 packs are used a lot by mobile users. So following these optimization tips can massively increase the number of calls from potential customers in the long run.

Get High-quality Relevant Backlinks!

Now that your site is ready, time to get your page mentioned on Powerful websites. By powerful, we mean the site that is relevant to your industry, the page that has a massive amount of Good backlinks and has an age of at least 5 years.

At organicaseo, we don’t build backlinks on any page that offers. When doing backlink campaigns for a site we do thorough research on sites that has the potential to provide backlinks to our client’s website.

Thus our SEO campaigns yield more faster and sustainable results for our client sites than other agencies in the industry.

Updating the user experience of your website

User experience matters a lot when it comes to getting a real estate website ranked on SERP. This site needs to be mobile-friendly and must load within less than 3 seconds on any device with good internet connectivity.

To achieve these goals your pages need to have a mobile-friendly design, optimized images, and MUST use a good quality hosting service.

If you have already completed the design phase for your page, you can contact us to make the UX better for your webpage, or we have an in-house web design expert who can build a brand new webpage for your agency.

Keeping your audience engaged

Google loves to boost a webpage that audiences love to stay for a longer period of time. We call this phenomenon “bounce rate”. Bounce rate is calculated by % of website audiences who tends to read more than a single blog post/content of any webpage.

So, interlinking contents with a solid silo structure can improve the bounce rate of your site, leading to a massive ranking boost for your webpage.

You can also use buttons, images, and navigational elements to keep your audience attached to your website.

Spreading the words

These days google also takes social media distribution into consideration. Thus it is important to have well-optimized profiles of your website on prominent social media sites like Facebook aka Meta, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

At organicaseo we also optimize GMB or google my business Webpage for companies to help their site get an extra chance to increase their sales from the internet.

Since the day Google announced their GMB functionality, we have been doing it and it has provided our clients a massive advantage over their competitors.

Consistency is the key!

SEO is not an overnight job. If someone promises you an overnight ranking for your website, do know that it is nothing but a Scam. To get your webpage ranked better on Google, you need to do SEO on a regular basis until you achieve your desired goal.

What most website owner fails to understand is that when their webpage is ranked number 1 in Google, they will be getting all the customers that their competitors used to get. Thus they will start investing more in SEO to regain their lost position.

So, once you have achieved your position on google, expand your market by doing SEO for more relevant keywords that you will be able to find by doing further keyword research. Doing so will help your website become an authority for your niche, thus making it almost difficult for your competitors to regain their lost position.

Advantages of SEO for real estate agents

Now that you would have gained enough knowledge about real estate SEO tips, let us discuss the benefits of real estate SEO for real estate. This marketing strategy has numerous benefits for our real estate website.

This not only increases inbound traffic and your website’s performance. But it also helps the real estate agents in getting more clients. A few top benefits of local SEO for agents are described below:

More inbound traffic and conversion rate

It is a common fact that ranking is the crucial thing in getting more traffic to a website. Also, it is proved that more than 65% of netizens click on the first three search results only. Therefore, you would lose the possibility of getting clicks if your real estate website is not among those top three search results.

The people are other than this 65 % click on the lower-ranked websites, which is undoubtedly a small number. But if your website lies on the second page, less than 10% of netizens would visit your real estate industry-related webpage.

If the ranking of your website is even worse than these, then you have fewer possibilities of getting visitors to your website. So, if you want to gain rank among the top three results, visit organicaseo.com today to get a free quote for your webpage.

When you focus on keywords, make sure to use words related to your content and traffic. Don’t focus only on the number of words, but make sure that the keywords also have good quality. Using Long-term keywords like “home for rent” and “homes for sale” is what we call LSI or Latency semantic indexing. They will ultimately land your webpage in more result pages.

These keywords will attract more local buyers and potential clients from search engines like Google for your agency. Therefore always prefer the quality of keywords over the quantity when it comes to ranking your website on Google.

Once the netizens click on your blog posts, they have more possibilities of converting into potential clients. It is also noticed that organic traffic has 25% more possibility of conversion than paid traffic.

The whole success lies in keyword research and implementing SEO strategies to rank your real estate blog posts higher. Once the blog post ranks in the top three results, you are all set to generate income from your potential customers.

Research keyword that is most relevant to the real estate agency to target local home buyers.

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment (ROI) static is used to calculate the success rate of local SEO strategy based on the initial investment on getting real estate website’s SEO. SEO defeats other marketing techniques in terms of click-through rates and conversion rates.

Therefore, depending upon its results, SEO is much more effective and profitable than other methods.

As the number of visitors who search for “homes for sale” increases, SEO will generate passive income for your real estate. The revenue generated by real estate SEO depends upon various factors such as:

  • Scope and need of your company.
  • The services offered by your real estate.
  • Experience of your real estate.
  • Size of your company or area covered by your agency.

Some SEO agencies charge by the hour, and soma has a fixed amount. So the payment depends upon the Search engine optimization services required for your real estate.

Organicaseo has the best CTA optimization strategy by doing keyword research the right way, and provides it at suitable prices for real estate companies. For more information, reach out to them at origanicaseo.com.

Higher Brand awareness

Real Estate SEO increases the awareness of your real estate in local home buyers through well-optimized blog posts. Most Internet users only see the first page of SERP. Thus, those real estate websites that are not on the first-page list have fewer possibilities of getting local home buyers.

Since the main motive of real estate SEO is to bring your website to the top ranks, another terrific benefit of real estate SEO is that it increases the awareness of your real estate.

Imagine that it will become popular among local home buyers if your real estate website is in the top results. As mentioned before, more people will click and get in touch with your real estate webpage.

The more people contact your real estate agency, the more popular your agency will be.

The ranking of your website has various factors for successful real estate SEO, such as keywords, page loading speed, and how a user reaches it as the visitors will increase on your website due to real estate SEO.

If you prefer getting calls to office visits do remember to add a phone number on your website and also on your Google local listing. In this way, it will help to increase your agency’s awareness.

As more people share your blog posts, this factor resonates with the Google algorithm. Then, your real estate will rank even higher. Thus, by using real estate SEO tactics, you can get more considerable agency awareness.

Leadership and authority

In real estate SEO, keyword research and the quality of keywords are not the only requirements to get top SERP. The quality and loading speed of your real estate platform has equal importance. Most netizens think that top web results are more valuable and informative.

Therefore they only click on the upper links of the SERP list. It takes knowledge, time and budget to gain a higher rank and quality website. You can hire Organicaseo to seek SEO services and information.

The search engine algorithm is more likely to rank websites with backlinks, a legit phone number, valuable blog posts, and content corresponding to the local home buyers.

If your real estate has valuable blog content, other websites will also link their content. Thus, it will have positive effects on your website’s authority and website visitors.

The quality content will get more clicks, which will increase comments and shares on your blog posts. Over time, your website will gain more authority and leadership in the real estate market due to valid real estate marketing tactics.

What is SEO for a Real Estate website?

SEO helps local buyers in finding your real estate website. It includes digital marketing strategies and the correct search terms to gain more inbound audiences for your website.

We know that buyers these days seek assistance from search engines like Google to find real estate. Thus if you want to rank higher on the search list, you have to work according to the Google algorithm factors.

In this way, not only will Google list your website on the first page but in the top three search engine results. This high ranking is only possible with an effective real estate SEM plan.

The challenging thing about local SEO is that search engine algorithms are updated often. Therefore, it makes the SEO more hectic, as you also have to make sure your real estate SEO is up to date according to the updated search engine’s algorithm.

Thus, you would have to make sure that your website is maintained and nurtured continuously. It may seem a bit daunting, but the results of real estate SEO are effective and profitable.

How does SEO work for real estate agents?

Real estate companies have to work on various factors to get a higher ranking search result page. The ranking and usage of words on your real estate website depends upon:

  • When should the keywords be used?
  • Where and how many times should KWs be stuffed technically?
  • How many trustworthy backlinks your website has?
  • What’s your website’s page loading speed?
  • Is your website optimized for mobile devices?

After reading the above requirements, you might think that SEO is much accessible. You need to add a few words and phrases to your content and ask a few agencies to link your content. But SEO is a bit more daunting task as compared to your expectations.

Also, keep in mind that not only you are implementing SEO in your website. But your competitors are also working hard to get valid SEO tactics. Therefore, the competition in the SEO race is brutal. For instance, if your website successfully ranks on top for one week.

Then your competitor might do something new and jump to the top. That’s why SEO needs to be updated daily. Thus, SEO is an ongoing lifetime strategy.

Six experienced real estate SEO tips:

The below-described real estate seo tips will surely boost your website ranking on Google. Use the following six real estate marketing strategies to get started:

1. Research Keywords:

Before starting an effective SERP ranking for your agency, you need to do thorough keyword research. It would immensely help your web pages if you initially research the KWs. You should also know the search terms used by the local listing pages in your area.

Usage of local keywords is a must in search engine optimization. It works as a solid ranking pillar for your pages.

In our agency organicaseo we use major software like Ahref, Semrush, Longtai pro, kwfinder, and a few others to find the best KWs for your business pages.

At first, we make a generalized one-page report containing all the major words or titles for your real estate site. Once done, we filter the KWs based on the pages which helps us to make better-optimized pages for your website.

Plus we also make separate reports for LSIs to be used while writing meta content for all the pages of your website

You might have noticed Google’s autocompleting feature whenever you search for something on Google’s search bar. Google tries to complete it.

The suggestions given by Google are also KWs. These suggestions depend on what other people are searching for in your area.

For example, suppose you search for something relevant to your industry. You can quickly get the common KWs used by people around you at the bottom of any Google SERP page.

2. Add keywords to your website:

Now that you have done good homework about what people are searching for, the next step in your real estate marketing journey is to include those KWs and phrases on your web content.

This method doesn’t mean copy-pasting them at various places in your content and hoping for good results.

Adding irrelevant keywords or a high number of keywords on your content of meta description is known as “keyword stuffing.” If Google takes notice of keyword stuffing in your web content or on your site’s meta detail, your webpage might get penalized in the long run.

Thus, focus on putting keywords in title tags, headings, meta details, and within body copy. Make sure to use keywords naturally and technically within your pages.

After you have done this task, stay confident because this tactic will surely bring lead generation to your Webpage.

If you need to know more about how you can use keywords to create a mobile-friendly page that can help you get local customers for your business do contact us via our contact us page.

4. Add location-specific keywords to your content information:

Even if your company is considered the best agency in the area, it doesn’t mean that you would rank on top when someone searches for the term “real estate agent”.

Ranking no. 1 on search results nationwide will take more time and money. Because the competition of Google SERP tends to be more for global SERP than Local.

Therefore, not only focus on using broad keywords and phrases in your content. Use location-specific words in your quality content to gain a lead generation of your area. For example, if your agency is located in XYZ city, then you can use the following words:

  • XYZ Realtor
  • best realtors in XYZ
  • Real Estate Agent in XYZ
  • Sell a home in XYZ city

Use of these words in your mobile-friendly website will bring more potential customers to your contact page. Thus remember to add a contact form on your website that is easily accessible via mobile devices.

4. Optimize listings with relevant keywords:

If you’ve already started digital marketing, then you might have already started adding location-specific and relevant keywords to your content and webpage schema. But listings are also crucial in real estate marketing strategy. So make sure that your listings are also part of your site information.

Try to use those words that represent your business. For example, you can use wording like “spacious homes,” “stainless steel appliances,” “storage,” “hardwood floor,” etc. Don’t forget to use these words in your listings. In this way, your listing will rank at the top of the page whenever someone searches about the home with these features.

Again make sure that you also add your location in listings so that only people around your location get your listings as a top result on the page. This tactic will help you rank longer for searches like “homes with stainless steel appliances in XYZ city.”

5. Engage visitors with captivating content:

In addition to adding keywords to the existing content, create optimized content for your site regularly. You should work consistently to bring captivating content to your site. Content including engaging and exciting information will surely bring the organic visitors to your web assets.

The only way to keep your listing updated is to bring engaging content to your webpage regularly.

If your business doesn’t have a blog, you should start one soon to touch your clients. It is a crucial strategy in real estate marketing. While making a new blog, keep in mind that the best posts are full of exciting information about a relevant subject.

Local buyers are more interested in learning as compared to the real estate market condition. Yes, you are thinking right! Give them more information about statistics and valuable tips about real estate.

The best contents are those that can create a realistic image of your industry on your customer’s mind. You can consider content like:

  • Home repair tips
  • Interior designing
  • Image editing tips for listings
  • Entertaining posts
  • and other tidbits about home maintenance

While creating entertaining posts, you can consider topics like:

  • Most expensive homes sold in last week or month, and the image of its overall outlook
  • You can also write heartfelt and engaging posts
  • Things you need to notice before buying a property
  • Adding relevant images of statistics and charts if required
  • 3d or panorama image of your listing if possible

Although these posts will not directly lead sellers and buyers. But these posts will surely attract more visitors to your site.

More visitors will lead to more extensive awareness of your business in the area. Other than posting daily on your site’s blog, some other methods will support your SEO strategy initiatives. You can consider uploading e-books of valuable guides on:

  • How to sell your home in less than a week?
  • A guide to buying an ideal home in less pricing
  • A guide on renting apartments with Move-In Specials

Another benefit will be adding the requirement of entering an email address before downloading these e-books. Then, you can use those email addresses to send captivating ads and daily notifications about your site’s updates.

6. Merge high-quality multimedia:

Selling properties highly depends upon how you present the description of properties. Adding high-quality and alluring images and videos to your content has a significant effect on your SEO strategy.

People search properties online to look into the images and videos of available property. The one which captivates them the most is they book an in-person or virtual visit to it.

If your site doesn’t have enough engaging images, it will negatively affect the amount of traffic on your site. If you want to be a successful real estate agent, add images and virtual tour features to your site.

This tactic will bring more clients, and more potential buyers will contact you to learn more information about displayed properties.

Providing virtual presentations of properties will ensure that the clients in touch with you are actually interested in buying the property.

SEO will save more time and money. If one can think of SEO as a long-term growth strategy, he/she can save a lot of marketing budget in the long run.

Make sure to look into the image description and alt tags before uploading them to your site. One might know the sites are indexed with bots, making it impossible for Google to find out the exact information inside the image.

That’s why the use of the correct description and alt tags with images is crucial. Add file names and image descriptions that tell exactly what the picture is about.

Is SEO worth it for realtors?

One might think it doesn’t matter whether their site ranks #1, #2, or #28. But it makes a huge difference. When SEO experts explain why SEO is essential for real estate, they explain how a real estate owner can get more revenue by ranking higher. Seo brings the following changes to your real estate:

Increasing your business visibility Online

The world is growing fastly, and almost all services are now becoming online. In this condition, each business is trying to create an online presence among netizens. Because in future the netizens can become their potential clients. The real estate business also has a similar situation.

Let’s face it, most of us these days use our mobile to find potential solutions for our needs. From food to houses our mobile phones have an app for that.

Every day more and more people are getting used to these mobile apps to find what they want. If your company or your offer is still not accessible via mobile then you are losing a lot of customers every day.

Due to the massive increase of mobile users, these days most websites need to be mobile-friendly to achieve better results on SERP.

If your site doesn’t look good on mobile, takes ages to load on mobile, you will not be able to achieve a good result for your website on Google SERP.

While doing a test project we have found that any website that works better on Mobile does well in SERP rather than a techy site that never loads on mobile devices. So, if you already have a website, you need to hire a web developer who can optimize it for mobile to help the site to attract more mobile users.

Attracting more visitors

With the help of SEO tactics, one can have more traffic from mobile and pc as compared to his/her competitors. According to research, 68% of clicks are for the top 5 ranking sites on the search result page. Thus, an increment in inbound traffic or audience will lead to more significant business awareness in your area.

Improving online reputation

Sites ranked in the top five positions are considered more creditable and authoritative among netizens. You might also have experienced a similar situation. Most online visitors only visit the top three to five sites whenever they search for something. Thus, high ranking increases the number of clicks on your site.

While lower-ranked sites experience less than an average number of clicks, more people will get attracted to your agency over time, which will lead to more potential customers.

In addition, keep in mind that visitors only remember those sites with remarkable content and information about properties for sale in an area. This increases the likelihood of your business’s appearance and credibility in the real estate market.

Quality content and regular updates from your firm will create a trustworthy relationship between you and your potential visitors.

In this way, they will tell others to consider your firm while looking for a home in your area. Your potential visitors will never hesitate to contact you while buying a home in your area.

Get Professional Help For Successful SEO

While applying all SEO tips and tactics, keep in mind that practical SEO consequences always take time and effort. You can never enjoy SEO result overnight, but you need to start right now if you want to get see profitable results soon.

Be patient and work hard on your site’s SEO. You will soon get more than 500% ROI from SEO tactics.

Do know that many real estate agents want to see SEO growth results first, so they contact various scammy real estate marketing programs that guarantee them results overnight. Do know that in SEO industry it is not possible in 99% of the cases.

If you want to see business growth for your mobile-optimized website, then you have to do SEO on a regular basis or hire a marketing company who is in the Search engines optimization business for long enough to give you a sustainable plan.

If you need any help regarding SEO for realtors, you can visit organicaseo.com. Their dedicated team of professional SEO providers is willing to help you curate an SEO plan based on your budget and the growth margin you want to see for your business. So don’t hesitate and contact us now to get your free consultation.